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Resistance to Magic

Magic killed her parents. Will it kill her too?


The amulet Sariah found buried in the mines looked liked her ticket out of her

half-starved backwater life. The pendant was surely very valuable. 


The assassin who tried to steal it apparently agreed.


Now all she wants is revenge. Or at least justice.


With a little help from a friendly mystic she learns about magic. Only with its help does she stand a chance to vanquish the forces that destroyed her life.


She hates magic. 


But will her thirst for vengeance drive her into magic’s open arms?


Pick up Resistance to Magic to get started with this gripping adult fantasy book series today!

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Betrayal of Magic

She’d killed the assassin. So where’s the happy ending?


Sariah may be done, but Lucien’s master has just begun. He no longer seeks just

her death.


Now he must kill all her friends too.


This time she must embrace the power of magic with all her heart. But a relentless series of obstacles block her way, and her mentor is losing both patience and faith.


Try as she might, all too soon time runs out. Half trained but fully determined, she sets forth to stop The Master’s minions before everyone she knows is lost.


But how can she protect her friends if she can’t even protect herself?

Continue Sariah's epic journey of revenge and self-discovery today:

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Survival by Magic

She’d trusted her mentor. How could she have been such a fool?


With the attack on her hometown routed, Sariah should be happy. But instead, she’d uncovered a terrible secret:


The man she loves is her enemy’s top general.


Reeling from the betrayal, she doubts everything, even her closest friends.


In a desperate ploy, she leaves home to seek out new allies in an old, abandoned castle. A veritable army who can help her stop her old mentor’s schemes and simultaneously destroy The Master.


But her new allies have secrets of their own.


Who can she trust when everyone has turned their back on her?

Survival by Magic is the third installment in the gripping Sariah Chronicles series! Get it today:

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Triupmh through Magic

The Master is coming to kill her. Can anyone survive?


Sariah took down her old mentor and scored a bold victory for her new allies. But there’s no time to celebrate.


The Master aims to kill her, and this time he’ll do it himself.


His new magic is terrifying. With a single touch, he can sap all her strength, leaving her broken and powerless.


In the wake of crushing defeat, a desperate choice stands before her - protect her friends back home, or seek out a new power that just might be able to turn the tides of the conflict in her favor.


Choose wrong, and all her friends will die.


Can she stop The Master in time, before he strips away everything she loves?

Triumph through Magic is the fourth installment in this epic fantasy saga! Get it today:

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