How to Lose Your Dragon

A missing dragon. An immortal warrior. A serious death wish?

Damian is a 300 year old Chinese Warrior who's living the dream up in the Pacific Northwest. He's tired of life and wants to reach a glorious end in battle, but he's blessed with insane luck, which pulls him out of even the trickiest scenarios.

But now his best friend in the world has gone missing, and he might be responsible. Worse, if he doesn't save her, her father has threatened all-out war with the human realm.


And while he's not fond of life personally, watching everyone else die would be a super bummer.


Can he rescue her and reach his own ending in the process?

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What to Expect When You Have a Fae Baby

A war-torn realm. A Fae guardian. A baby?

Never trust the Fae. That was the advice my mother had given me when I was naught but a wee child. They’re too dangerous.

But when one teleports into Mei’s bar right before my eyes cradling a tiny baby, it’s love at first sight. Or it would be, if not for the fact that she was bleeding from a dozen wounds and on the brink of collapse.

Tattered and broken, LaLuna seeks asylum for herself and the girl she carries. No one knows anything about her, only that her life is in grave danger.

Determined to find the truth, we set out together to the Fae Realm to unravel the mystery of the baby’s fate and hopefully impress the girl in the process. A daunting task, but I’ve always loved a challenge.

Can I win the day and get the girl, or will I finally meet my warrior’s end?

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Who Framed the Vegan Vampire

A wrongful murder charge. A woman soaked in blood. A vegan vampire?

Vampires. So far, I've been able to keep my distance from all but two of them. And those two are vegan, meaning they don’t drink human blood.

So when one of them collapses in front of me practically coated in the stuff, I know something is wrong. Someone has framed her husband for a grisly murder, and now his life is all but forefeit.

Together, we set out to find the real killer before more dead bodies turn up. But the killer soon sets his sights on us, and before long we’re all targets in his deadly game.

Can I clear the vampire’s name and save my own skin, or will this case finally be the death of me?

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Immortal Brother, Where Art Thou

A mysterious corporation. A missing child. A mean older brother?

I haven’t seen my brother in years. We’d had a falling out over food some time back and never spoken to each other since. So when he texted me an SOS out of the blue, I was more than a little surprised.

His kid has gone missing. No one’s seen him in weeks.

So what’s an immortal to do? I have to help my nephew. Together with my brother and my girlfriend LaLuna, we set out to find him and set things right.

Who knows, if things go well, we might even all meet up for Thanksgiving this year.

But shortly into the investigation, we uncover a terrible secret. One a certain notorious corporation would kill for. And it’s my head on the chopping block.

Can I rescue my nephew - and myself - from certain doom, or will I finally meet my glorious end?

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Have Artifact, Will Travel

A mysterious artifact. A powerful wizard. An overdue water bill?

Money. It makes the world go round. And your girlfriend happy. The trouble is, I don’t have any. And after a particularly disappointing night with LaLuna, I was determined to change that.

So when Isaiah, my magician friend, came by offering untold riches in exchange for finding a magical artifact, I leapt at the chance.

But it soon became clear that we weren’t the only ones searching for the artifact. And the other guys were willing to kill to obtain it.


Stuck in a foreign country with nothing but my wits to help me, I suddenly had bigger problems than a couple of late bills and a lousy mattress.


Can I retrieve the artifact and make it out in one piece, or will this mission finally spell my doom?

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