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The Fhyrrstorm

Would you curse the world to save the one you love?

At a young age, Teryn was orphaned and sold off to the Xerczan Wizard's Guild. Born with magic powers that far surpassed those of his peers, he'd always been a bit of an outcast.

His only friend is Valeria, a female mage who recently arrived at the guild. The two share many traits in common and spend all their free time together. It's the start of a perfect friendship.

Until she disappears without a trace.


Teryn sets out in search of Valeria with nothing but magic and a handful of trinkets. He's determined to do whatever it takes to save her, even if it means casting the Fhyrrstorm - a spell so powerful it could destroy the world and take him with it.

But can he save her if it means dooming the world in the process?

Delve into this gripping adult fantasy series today:

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The Dark One's Reign

Was it true?  Had he really been nothing but a pawn?


All Teryn wanted was to save his love and himself from certain doom.  But what he’d gotten instead – death, destruction, and the looming apocalypse – made him question everything.


If only he’d never started on his ill-fated quest, maybe things would have been different.  Maybe she’d still be there by his side.


Now he had bigger problems to contend with.  The Dark One, Fhyrr, was free from his prison, exacting revenge upon the denizens of Kallor, death and decay following in his wake.  And it was all Teryn’s fault.


A traveler named Jeremy wakes up in this new, terrifying world.  He has nothing to his name.  No memory.  No friends or possessions.  No home.


Everyone seems to think he’s the Savior, the one destined to save them all from Fhyrr’s terrible wrath.


But how can he save anyone else when he can’t even save himself?

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The Light's Last Hope

The thrilling conclusion to the Kallor saga!

Could anyone stop the Dark One's wrath?

As Jeremy wails against the cold, iron bars of his dark prison, his friends are out there dying. And it's all his fault.

If only he'd been faster, maybe he could be out there with them, fighting the darkness, instead of playing the part of the Dark One's favorite pet.

Meanwhile, Teryn, Talon, and the others discuss how best to take on Fhyrr and his minions, hopefully freeing Jeremy in the process. But their last battle hadn't gone so well, leaving one member of the group dead and another barely clinging to life.

As the team goes their separate ways to chase after the remaining artifacts, a desperate plan is hatched. One that might just turn the tides of darkness.

But will it be enough? Can they save the world if they have to do it all alone?

Read the conclusion to this epic adventure here:

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