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Sisterless in Seattle

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I. Hate. Magic. But it may be my only hope.

My name is Misty and I’m a blood mage - a rare and powerful breed of spellcaster. Only a few are born each generation.

Too bad I suck at it.

After a serious accident, I left both magic and my family behind. These days I’m a simple tea broker in the Pacific Northwest. Sure, everyone but my sister Elaine hates me for “walking out on my destiny,” but it’s not like any of them talk to me anyway. Overall, my new life is great.


Until my sister gets kidnapped by a demonic, criminal organization hell-bent on murder and destruction. They want me to find something for them, and they’ll kill my sister if I don’t do exactly as they say.


My only hope of saving her is to dive head-first back into the magical world. The same world that chewed me up and spat me out.


And this time, there may be no escape.

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Damned in Dallas

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I thought I’d never have to see Val again. I was so very wrong.

Val’s sudden appearance in my life had rocked my world, but it had all been a ruse. I should have punched him in his smug face, but my sister’s life was on the line.

Now he’s back, insisting we must work together for the good of all. And the life of my sister, of course. The assignment this time? Track down the Mark of Ereshkigal, a piece of the enigmatic Crown of the Underworld.


A trail of gruesome murders leads us to Dallas, where we find more waiting for us than we’d bargained for. Turns out we’re not the only ones hunting the Mark. And the other guys? They’re even more dangerous than the demons I work for.


With time running short, this quest is about to take a deadly turn. And not just because I have to work with Val again…

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Mayhem in Malta

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With trouble brewing at home, the safest place to be might be halfway around the world.

My boyfriend wants to talk about our relationship. A rogue mage wants to kill me for offing her lover. And Val? Val’s roguish charm is getting more and more tempting by the day.


Thankfully, another Mark of the Underworld has surfaced far away on the island of Malta, meaning I get to take a little break from all of it. Well, everything but Val…


This time, finding the Mark should be easy. That is, if my enemies don't find it first. The Lightless Seven sent another mage to steal the artifact and kill me - this one even more powerful than the last.


I should be scared, but compared to my relationship issues, being chased by a deadly mage sounds like a walk in the park.

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Outmatched in Olympia

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Everything was going right for once. Until one little text changed everything.

I was just getting somewhere with Val, and I’d secured half the Marks of the Underworld. Things were looking up. Until a cryptic text sent me reeling.


Now my relationship is in tatters, and yet another mysterious organization wants to kill me (that makes two of them). I barely avoided their last attempt to end my life, and have been in hiding ever since.


But I can’t stay away forever. The magical realm calls to me, and my sister’s life is still in danger.


Another Mark of the Underworld has been found. If I can find it first, I’ll be one step closer to freeing my sister from the demons’ grasp for good. One step closer to freedom from all of it.


It’s a simple enough plan. If only my magic would cooperate…

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Beatdown in Bali

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I’d given up everything for my sister. Now she’s gone.


I thought I’d felt lost and confused before, but now it was so much worse. My sister, and with it my reason for being on this stupid quest to begin with, was gone. Disappeared without a trace.


Not that any of the mages who wanted to kill me seemed to care…


Fed up with magic, I went into hiding out in Nowhere, Idaho. The only thing keeping me sane is my relationship with my friends. At least they never abandoned me.


But when my old boss tries to kidnap me, I’m thrust back into the center of it all again. Now I’m being rushed off to Bali to help an old friend and send some demon goons back to hell.


And this time, I have no reason to hold back.

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Undefeated in the Underworld

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I thought I was saving my sister. Was I wrong all along?


From the very start of my quest, all I’ve thought about is my sister. I’ve moved hell and earth to save her. Literally.


But now I know the truth, and it’s far darker than I ever imagined.


My sister wasn’t really missing. She was gone on purpose. And the reason behind it all? It shook me to the core.


Not that it matters. There’s one more Mark of the Underworld left to find, and it’s calling my name. If I don’t retrieve it, it’ll spell certain doom for me, and everyone I love.


The only problem? The enemy wants it, too, and he’s already one step ahead of me…

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